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Piano Amore is not your typical site. If you ever find yourself browsing our pages and have a question or concern... and if you feel a little reluctant (or very) to send an email our way because you feel that your message will be "left in the dust," perish the thought. Trust me, I know what it's like to be on the Web and feel like I want some of those "gaps" in my understanding filled when it comes to having questions answered, such as, "Is this the product for me? I should ask but either no one will answer or it will take days to get any response." For me, that's usually followed by the thought that, by the time I receive an answer, I won't care anymore. This is especially applicable to those times when I'm considering a purchase. To be honest with you, I'm a little reluctant to buy anything online when I'm not feeling so sure as to whether or not someone will "give a hoot" if I have any questions or challenges during the purchase. Gosh, how it frustrates me when I buy something online and then I have questions about how the program works... or how to access it to begin with... and then I send an email only to find out that no one really does care. This has happened to me personally on more than just one occasion and I can relate 110% to issues like this.

Online Purchases & Customer Care

Purchasing at our store here at Piano Amore is a very secure process. In addition, all of the products you will find there are available via instant online access. Generally, you will have your order within minutes of submitting a payment. However, when it comes to electronic systems, there is always the possibility that a "glitch" may occur and the page that you were supposed to be taken to immediately does not appear. This can create a situation in which you, the purchaser, feel slighted... after all, no person is physically with you to take care of the matter and, at times (especially if the order is placed during very early morning hours) an email message to customer service is not responded to promptly by a "live" individual. If this ever occurs, it is common to feel as though you are being ignored...

BE ASSURED: THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE! I PROMISE! If you don't hear from me regarding any of your concerns within a few hours, it's because I am either away from my desk or the Martians have arrived in my backyard. BUT, even under either of those circumstances, you WILL hear from me within 24-48 hours (usually wayyyy less than that)

The email address to contact me at is:

info @ pianoamore.com

That email address gets priority attention when it comes to my monitoring the situation here at Piano Amore. If my visitors have something to say, that's where they're going to say it and that is the email I check several times an hour in most cases.

So please know that you are valued. No one here is looked upon as "just a number"... this site is here for YOU (yes, you reading this) and you make it what it is. For that, I am grateful and it is my innate policy to want to express my appreciation for that.

That all said, expect lots more good stuff headed your way here at Piano Amore and know that you rate "tops" with me : )






Dave Longo

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