Traveling the road from a dilletant to a self-made pianist

by Robert
(Warsaw, Poland)


A couple of years ago, at 50 years of age, it came to me. I wanted to do something with my seemingly inexhaustible passion towards music before my good time (memory, manual skills etc) comes to its end - one day it will, believe me :-). So, I bought a keyboard, I've developed my own method of shaping my hands for them to fit the keys well - I'd never played piano before. I've been practicing for 2-3 hrs a day since then. Somehow after several months from starting my 'career' a crisis came down on me and I felt desperately lacking direction on where to go further from there and how to think about what I was doing with the instrument. You need to know that I've been learning piano by myself with no teachers around. So, I was kind of dispirited the day I found ProProach on the web and I was looking for direction. Soon, after starting the course, I realized that ProProach was something I needed. The method of the course is to talk about complex matters of piano playing in a language that can be understood by any man and to explain subtleties of application of theoretically difficult concepts in a manner that shall fit the brain of even a total dilletant if he approached the subject. No sight-reading required! That was exactly the type of encouragement and direction I was looking for. Since then, I've already traveled not only through 24 ProProach lessons but, totally by myself, through all 24 tonalities and I'm working hard following my own methods but the fact is that it was me meeting ProProach which brought me back on track with my piano practicing. So, if you feel disheartened, at any stage of your practice: go for ProProach and listen to Dave - the trainer - passionately attempting to share with you the professional approach to the instrument and conveying the only message that is really important in the game of pianism: Do what you want and play as you may but never, never lose your LOVE for music when you are doing it!

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