The Beatles Let It Be
Let It Be Beatles

First Beatles song I ever learned on piano...

(what a classic hit)

Some of you already know part of my story. My earliest piano lessons
involved my teaching myself quite a bit from books the teacher would
put up on the music stand. Why? Because he couldn't play the piano!
He knew the theory and would present it to me but as far as HOW
to do all that neat stuff... well, yes, there was a lot of self-teaching.
Around the time I was learning this classic song "Let It Be," I could
have used the guidance with learning how to play chords and
melody in a fashion that sounded good. I didn't have any
other musicians around me, so playing solo was
what I enjoyed most of the time.

So, the question that could solve a lot:

How can one "sound like a band" without having the luxury of one?

Although there is no "replacement" for the real thing, you can
indeed be comforted by the fact that you can play a tune like
this (or another favorite) with confidence in a solo fashion...
and you can sound good! Here's the good news:

Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can grasp
this concept and start putting it to use right away.
Do you know three chords? Cmaj Fmaj Gmaj?
(if you don't, help is available)
That's enough! Of course, if you are more
advanced, you will take this simple concept
and apply it within the context of your
playing. Remember, it's the concept
that's important.

Now, the REAL gold? What you learn, you'll be using it for a
lifetime when it comes to enjoying all those other favorite classics
of yours on that piano or keyboard of yours. PLEASE enjoy this fun journey
as your spine tingles with the results you're about to reap...

Let It Be The Beatles Order Now!Let It Be Beatles Order Now!

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Let It Be The BeatlesDave 

"...there will be an answer, let it be..." - Paul McCartney, The Beatles, 'Let It Be'"

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