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Jan 13, 2015
re: Talent Show
by: Dave

Hi Veronica!

I appreciate your enthusiasm to learn piano. Thanks for posting!

Okay, your talent show is near and you're feeling inspired to impress. It is not unusual for an event such as a talent show to trigger that desire within us to explore our own talents. If that's the case with you, that's awesome!

Now, if you're going to impress others, the best way to do that would be to find something that you first impress yourself with. Whether that be piano or not right now consider the time frame before the talent show, that's fine. Consider exploring your potential at that piano of yours. While doing so, understand and appreciate that some time and effort on your part is necessary. Now, the more fun you have, the less any of this will "feel" like effort.

I think you might benefit by having some fun exploring some of your potential at those keys without placing heavy demands on yourself. Perhaps learn a few chords and learn how to create some interesting sounds with those. If you visit our Piano Amore store, you'll find "Piano Chords 101" and "The Magic 3" ... these two programs can help you to start having fun using a few chords without having to actually read music to start.

Naturally, I encourage you to want to learn to read. That said, having some fun with a couple of programs like those mentioned above can really get that "spark" happening for you.

I encourage you to get yourself to a point of wanting to invest some time every day having fun with the "task" at hand.

Here for you...


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