Reading from a lead sheet
with those chord symbols

by Melissa
(Augusta, Me)

Thanks for this because it made me focus on my need to learn to do this. I've been a classical player for the longest time and always envied those with fewer years experience than myself who could "magically" make music from those lead sheets.

I never had a teacher who placed any emphasis on learning chords. Sure, chords are all over the place in the classics that I play, but there's never been a reason to learn the theory behind them to play this traditional music. But I feel like I've been slighted by not having access to learning chord symbols and how to use them in the past. But I have to look ahead, not back.

I've just taken myself through the 7th chords videos that you have and am now understanding those chord symbols a whole lot better! I know it can seem complex for someone who is first exposed to all those symbols but you do make it easy in that program. ProProach is next for me and I'll look forward to the 6 months of weekly lessons. Also, I'm going to pick up some books that contain only lead sheets so that I will be forced to create a left hand accompaniment on my own.

For years, I thought I knew piano! I did to a point but not nearly as much as I thought. At least now, I'm on my way to a more comprehensive understanding.

Thanks for letting me share and for what it's worth to someone reading this: whatever your past was, keep it in the past and look forward!

Thank you again!

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