Read Piano Sheet Music

Read Piano Sheet Music

Once you can read piano sheet music, you have a world of wonderful musical enjoyment ahead of you. The possibilities are endless!

The first thing you want to do is to get a handle on reading the grand staff. The grand staff consists of both the bass clef and the treble clef (otherwise referred to as the F clef and the G clef).

What you really want to do is not only learn the names of the notes on all those lines and spaces, but you also want to master the relationship those notes have to the piano keyboard.

We offer a FREE eBook that explains all this quite clearly and hope you will take advantage of it (many have benefited from it). Read through it while at your piano or keyboard. Before long, you'll realize that your goal of being able to read sheet music confidently is within reach!

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As you begin gaining familiarity with the association of the music staff to those piano keys, you'll want to nurture your understanding by challenging yourself a little at a time. It would be wise to consider getting involved with a piano method that can help you with this. You'll want it to be a fun method... something that you'll want to engage yourself in regularly. Piano For All is such a method that can be accessed immediately online. I talk a little more about this popular method here .

Be sure to approach learning in a manner that works for you. If you don't have an hour or more to devote to learning, for example, don't discount the value that sitting at that piano or keyboard of yours for even just a few minutes can have. You just may surprise yourself. Those few minutes can graduate into a lot more. Enjoy the journey. Don't fall subservient to any "tricks of the mind" that try to convince you that now is not the right time.

Now is the right time. You arrived here because you are looking to begin enhancing your skills with reading and making music. Don't let anything deprive you of that. Put music in your life. Follow the 2 basic steps beginning now ! I'm thrilled that you took the time to join us today!







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