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by Dave @ Piano Amore

I've received a number of questions
as to how our newest addition ,
"Pro Piano Chord Bytes," can help
when it comes to becoming a more
creative chord stylist. In short,
this program is based on a "no fail"
concept that, when followed, will
take your piano playing to newer

Here is the concept in its simple

1) Each lesson introduces a certain
chord voicing in the context of a
measure of a particular song most
of us are familiar with (no reading
really necessary with this, though
notation is provided)...

2) Once the voicing or chord sound
is learned, you are encouraged to find
the sheet music to that song if you
are inspired to do so and use that new
chord sound in the context of the song


3) Find songs that are your favorites
in which you can incorporate the chord
sound into them... this way, you really
make the new sound yours to use whenever
you like

There is way more value in taking the
initiative to take the chord or chord
voicing and search for places where
you can use it than being shown exactly
where. This is the concept that made a
real difference for me during my musical
growth (and still is!)

*****This is a secret of the pros that is
being revealed to you*****

It's a bit like learning cooking techniques...
when you learn a certain part of a recipe
and you like the flavor it produces,
you look for other recipes in which you
can use the same ingredients. Thus, the
new recipe becomes yours! So, when it comes
to learning how to be a "Master Chef" at
those keys, please don't underestimate what
this self-initiative will do for you in
terms of your own personal musical growth : )

"Pro Piano Chord Bytes" and a complimentary
sample is available here:

Click here

Its simplicity is what makes it work:

Click here

Happy cookin' : )

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