"You'll Want To Practice Piano
Instead Of Eating!"

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We don't recommend not eating, but you will certainly practice piano with a totally positive attitude as you become acquainted with the material on this site. As a matter of fact, you will reevaluate the concept of practice. You will look forward to practicing that piano or keyboard. You might even skip a few desserts!

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Unfortunately, the word itself has some negative overtones from the perspective of many. When we speak of practice, along with it comes implications like work, effort, sweat, resistance, etc.

You'll soon see this isn't the case in our environment here. You will practice piano with an attitude that says, "I am accomplishing something" rather than "this is work."

Given the choice, I personally would like to replace the word practice with play, for a couple of reasons: it's accurate, and it's a word welcomed by all. When you think about it, who resists the idea of playing? It carries with it an ingrained positive childhood connotation - and a good one. Learning piano should be play!

However, you'll still see and hear me using the word practice because it's common enough. It's the definition you adopt that matters...

My definition of practice: playing with a goal in mind.

That seems to put a halt to any negative associations to the word. Yeah... play with a goal in mind. I like that. In addition, each goal should be pursued with a flexible mind set. Whether you reach the goal or not, you appreciate the result.


Have you ever observed a child paint or draw? There's no judgment at all. The sense of curiosity, self acceptance, and intensity is nothing short of genuine. It's passion in action!

Remember that: Passion in action! Wow, if three words could best express what I want for you during your entire journey, there they are.

As you experience the piano learning tips, techniques and strategies here - whether learning how to position your hands on the piano ... tackling fingering problems ... or learning the mental game of practicing - you will become more in tune with my feelings on this concept of practice.

Obstacles will be welcomed by you ... and you, I'm almost willing to bet, will subscribe to my approach. Hopefully, a positive attitude is contagious.

Let me put it simply: stick around this site for a while, make a commitment to apply yourself with a trusting, curious mind set and you'll be enjoying amazing progress. Don't take my word for it. Experience it all for yourself.

I congratulate you for being here, and I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to hook up with you for this joy ride. I'm getting excited knowing that what's here will have a positive impact on you. You will practice piano (play) with predictable enthusiasm, the way it should be.

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