Piano Voicings: Your Ticket To Artistry

Piano Chord Voicings

Are piano voicings new to you?

Well, whether you have little experience or none is not really the issue here. The only important thing to consider is whether or not this is an avenue you want to explore. From a personal point of view, I have to say that no part of my musical adventure has been more intriguing than the fun I've had (and continue to have) along this road. The learning and application of piano voicings opens the way to creativity on the keyboard like you can't even imagine...

When I first learned what a voicing was, it was by "error." I say that but, if you're like me, you believe that things tend to happen and fall in line for a reason. A brief story of how I discovered them for the first time is here

One of the amazing things to realize, for me, was that all this information was available but no one ever told me about it until I watched the teacher in that little story play a little. I had already been taking piano lessons for a good number of years and I felt "cheated" to a certain degree. I mean, why did it have to take me so long to have this presented to me? This should not be "secretive."

The truth is, the art of piano voicings is no secret, but the percentage of musicians who have a clue on this topic is smaller than those that don't. In addition, when you consider teachers who have a grasp on explaining this stuff, the percentage decreases even more. Perhaps that is why the search for good resources for learning more about it takes a little more effort.

The Birth Of A New Learning Tool

Since the game of piano voicings is something I have loved playing, I was compelled to create something that would allow even the earliest beginner to get his or her feet wet in this area. I wanted to produce a tool that a person could use once, twice, three times, and more... and each time they were exposed to it, they would gain further insights. In other words, a program they could grow with and would serve as a "springboard" for wanting to learn more.

Since its birth, ProProach has influenced a number of people across the globe in a positive way. It literally has changed how they approach playing chords. When an adult aged 75 or 80, for example, sends me an email and informs me that what they learned in my program is more than they ever learned in a lifetime, I have to say that the inner feeling I get from that is pretty indescribable.

The lessons are delivered on at a time, each week, for a period of 24 weeks. You can go at your own pace, since it's not necessary to "keep up" with anyone. The idea of having one lesson to focus on for as long as you want to is conducive to your gaining the most benefit from the content. So, you can simply collect all the lessons and get to them as you please. Once you accumulate all of them, however, you have unlimited access. You'll want to take yourself through the program again and again.

One of the compliments that I receive from people regarding ProProach is that the program really promotes your own creativity from within. In other words, although you are given tools to use and shown how to use them, you are highly encouraged to make them a part of your own repertoire and you are inspired to grow musically in an independent fashion.

A Unique Feature of ProProach

Another helpful feature is that the voicings are used in the context of actual song excerpts. So, you see, this is not a "book of voicngs," per se... it actually takes you by the hand, shows you how to play a certain sound, and how to incorporate that sound into your own playing. It's pretty unique in that sense.

Like I said, this art is one I love and I wish you all the success in the world as you go on your own pursuit. If I am a small part of that learning experience, I will consider myself privileged.


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