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Who says adding color has to be difficult?

Even if the concept is new to you, adding interest to the songs you are currently playing does not have to be a major chore. Actually, it should not seem like work at all. You would enjoy more rewarding results if you were to adopt the mind set  that, as children, was the only one we know... remember? When splattering a bunch of colors all over the walls felt nothing less or more than natural (until someone put a damper on our masterpiece by telling us to stop and go clean up)?

Nothing got in the way of our curiosity... "let's see that that blue looks like when mixed with some red. Oh yeah!" That was one of the great things about finger painting - no rules... just do it! Remember how concerned you were with the final outcome? (Not!)

There was no such thing as failure... there was always a success of some kind.

In short, it was all good... we appreciated each result we got and moved on from there, enjoying one success after another.

If you didn't have such a luxury, surely you've observed a child involved in a similar creative process. Have you ever witnessed a very young child sitting at the piano, pounding away with a smile that lit up the entire room? Just try and tell that young one that what he or she is playing defies theoretical standards!

Each of us is born with the innate desire and ability to create... to express ourselves...

Certain helpful hints can certainly accelerate progress when it comes to making your playing more interesting. And it's amazing how learning one idea can be the beginning of a major turnaround for you. For example, take a look at this page on piano fills and see if it can lead you in a direction that you haven't quite explored yet.

For those of you how are engaged in either of the programs Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy or ProProach, I hope you take the initiative to take the fundamentals you're learning in that program and compliment them with such ideas presented on that page on piano fills. The results will astound you!

You see, creativity involves quite a bit of "overlapping"... taking concepts we've learned in the past and incorporating new ideas... it doesn't matter how long it takes. You've got to learn to adopt and maintain a mind set that says "no" to judgment and "yes" to realizing your potential, because you are capable of taking your skills to higher levels. Just give yourself the chance.

Learning should be a joy ride...

The more fun you have "playing with those paints," the more colorful your masterpieces... and the more you allow yourself to enjoy this process, the more creative you ultimately become!

In other words...





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