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piano coach Dave Longo

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Dave Longo has been performing on piano for nearly 30 years in a variety of settings, from casual to the most exquisite... from special functions to cruise lines to entertainment television.

His tasteful repertoire and uniquely creative way of presenting it is a recipe for success for any scenario.

In addition to performing regularly, Dave has been coaching people on the instrument since he was in his teens. His unique one-on-one sessions are encouraging, motivating and refreshing.

Over the years, Dave has taken his personal coaching to another level by making his services available online. He is the creator of a number of learning programs including ProProach and Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy ... and all the free lessons you enjoy right here on the site! So if you're looking to learn piano online you're at the right place!

Dave is available for personal online consultation via his personal coaching program, Coach Me! - truly a powerful way for you to learn how to amaze yourself!

Dave's unique approach to learning can take away any doubts you may have if you've never taken on playing those keys as a hobby but have always wanted to.

"Every person on the face of this earth has the innate desire and ability to express himself or herself musically."


A few short samples of Dave's playing:

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