Piano Worship Chords

by Lauretta
(Alberta, CA)

Yes! Something "clicked" with me once I contemplated what you are saying here. I can also appreciate how you opted to use the hymn for demonstration. You see, I have a special interest in learning how to play jazz piano voicings. But it doesn't make sense to "stereotype" chord categories, since music is music. It's obvious that anyone wanting an introduction to learning chord voicings will consider what you are saying here regarding "closed voicings" versus "open voicings" and leave it to the hymn to teach us (or, rather, your interpretation of it and sharing it with us).

I understand how an ignorance to traditional music can get in the way of making progress when it comes to understanding more contemporary ways of doing things. After all, everything started somewhere. It makes sense that a person who only knows a few basic chords can start the process of learning chord voicings by following your guidance here. I'm liking this. Although I have a little more experience than perhaps the average, reading this information on piano worship chords caused things to fall in place for me a little better.

Hymn music is beautiful... I just hope that people don't misinterpret what you have going here is as mere hymn lessons because you are introducing people to concepts that apply to everything. Anyone looking to learn more about the construction of music should probably put this area of your site in their "favorites" category.

I love listening and playing gospel music and, as you know, there is only a fine line between hymns and gospel music and there is gray area as well when it comes to how they differ. The study of piano worship chords, in general, will help any pianist.

I look forward to future lessons and just wanted you to know that I am enjoying ProProach tremendously. A very inspiring coach you are!

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