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Piano improvisation is a favorite topic of mine, to put it mildly. I remember my early days of coming home from school just before 3 in the afternoon, having a brief snack, and heading down to my "pad" in the basement. I would pop a 33 of favorite jazz legend on the turntable, marvel at what seemed like magic to my ears, and fall asleep to it. This was a daily routine for me. 

I had two passions from a very early age... music and magic. Quite frankly, the Red Garland piano improvisations I'd hear coming out of my speakers seemed nothing short of magic to me. Players like him, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and others, in my opinion, were musical magicians. 

My experience was not limited to listening to piano legends. Actually, during my high school years, my passion for playing saxophone held more weight. Although I had more experience playing piano and my technical skills were greater on the keys, the sax (tenor) got more of my attention then. Listening to performers Wilton Felder of The Crusaders, Chris Vadala (with Chuck Mangione), and more traditional legends like Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and Oliver Nelson was something I never got tired of doing.

This passion for the horn was nurtured and elevated by the private teacher I was studying with at the time. Being the first accomplished jazz musician that I actually got to know personally, he was truly an inspiration to me. When he improvised, I just marveled at his ability.

It was that same teacher who actually inspired me to investigate playing jazz piano further and with more passion. How? Well, he would sit at my Wurlitzer electronic piano and accompany me as I played. What he was playing made me realize that I had a lot to learn when it came to chords on the piano (voicings, to be more specific). My curiosity and enthusiasm for learning more about improvisation and chord voicings took on a whole new life as a result of those lessons

Having reflected on those experiences during those years, that passion has not only become more and more enhanced but my eagerness to help others in this area continues to grow. I get a real sense of joy and satisfaction in finding that "certain way" of unlocking the mystery of improvising for a student. You see, for each person it's different. That has been conducive to my being more creative in my approach to helping aspiring players.

Piano Improvisation Learning Tools

There are so many learning tools available in the Piano Amore online store that can help one prosper in the area of piano improvisation. If you consider yourself an absolute beginner, there is a program here that can help even if you don't know how to read. As long as you can play a melody, it will help you get the ball rolling with improvising. The tutorial consists of a mini guidebook and video session and is entitled The One Improvisation Secret You Must Know

There are other online programs that will serve you well while learning to improvise. Some are aimed specifically at improvisation and piano fills. One in particular that will serve as a compliment to that mentioned above can be found here. Others, like the Sneak Peeks series and others, cover piano improvisation along with other aspects of creative piano playing including jazz piano voicings and more.

I would be happy to help you choose a learning tool that is right for you if you feel that you would like some guidance. Simply email me by using the form below. I genuinely love getting to know my site visitors better. Meanwhile, happy improvising!

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