Piano Chords On Steroids?

by Genie @ Piano Amore

Your wish is my command...

Your wish is my command...

Imagine this...

You're sitting at that piano or keyboard of yours. Your hands and fingers are on the keys. They look as though they're ready to play something extraordinary...

But wait. You quickly remember that your experience at those keys is very little or none at all. Suddenly, you feel helpless. Those hands and fingers appear as though they look like they know what they're doing...

... but you don't. You wish they did.

A little magic wouldn't hurt at this point, would it?

As you sit there wishing you were able to pull off something pretty explosive - the kind of sound that would turn the heads of anyone who happened to be listening in - you decide to come back to reality and admit that it's not going to happen.


Before you rise up off that piano bench feeling defeated once again, out of the corner of your eye, you happen to notice a lamp sitting on top of the little table next to you. It's the kind of lamp that resembles that of Aladdin. You pause for a moment or two as you reflect on that very popular story. You know, when the lamp gets rubbed, what starts off as a thin stream of smoke exiting the spout of that lamp quickly turns into a cloud of smoke and, following that drama, a magnificent genie makes his way out and introduces himself to you as your servant.

As your mind plays around in this "land of make believe," you catch yourself wishing this was all true for you (that's 3 wishes, by the way). After all, if you can't create magic at that piano keyboard or yours, maybe the genie would come to the rescue.

After entertaining yourself with your childhood game, you reach over and grab the lamp with one hand and place it in front of you. As you chuckle, you take your other hand and rub the side of the lamp.

Nothing happens, of course.

As you laugh some more, you make a move to place the lamp back on the table and suddenly...


"What in the world??!!!" you exclaim to yourself.

It's him.

You stare at the genie. The genie stares at you.

You are speechless and you suddenly realize that the same fingers that were rubbing the lamp a few short moments ago are now rubbing your eyes as you remain bewildered as you await awakening out of a dream.

Despite your efforts to shake out the cobwebs, the genie is still there. You now realize that this is no dream. However, you still don't know what to make of this.

Finally, as the genie easily sees that the suspense has gotten the better of you, he decides to have some compassion. His eyes retreat from what appeared to be a staring contest and slowly change their focus to the keyboard.

"Play something." his deep James Earl Jones type voice firmly instructs.

Huhhh? You look back into his huge eyes and confess, "But I don't know how to play, Sir."

He lets out a huge chuckle as his looks back at you with his arms folded...

"Play something." he repeats in a softer but lower tone of voice.

It becomes quickly apparent that he's in charge and any words you utter that might question his confidence will be absolutely futile. There's only one thing to do.

You place your hands and fingers once again on the keys as you had before. Your head pivots to look at him once again as you're thinking, "What now?"

But this time he's not looking back. Instead, his eyes are still glued to the piano keyboard upon which your hands and fingers are gently resting as they tremble a little. So, your head and eyes turns their attention to the back of your hands once again.

"Here goes nothing," you secretly think to yourself.

As your fingers begin to tingle, you decide to delay no longer. You press a few of them down.

Time seems to have just stopped.

Your ears just heard something that your brain tries to convince you came from someone else in a different room. But, you also know there is no other room in your home with another piano or keyboard. And there's no one else home!

Somehow, you feel a bit disassociated from yourself because you know it was you who played what you just heard but something bigger than you just made it possible.

"How did you do that?" you humbly ask the genie.

The genie unfolds his arms, looks at you straight in the eye, and gently confesses, "I didn't do it. You did. By the way, your wishes haven't expired. Call upon me any time you like." Then, in a flash, the lamp sucks him up like a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Back in the lamp he goes.

As you clear your way through your mental fog, you almost want to try playing what you just did a moment ago but figure it won't happen on your own. Thinking you've got nothing to lose, you go for it.

You did it again! You now realize what you gained was not temporary. You have something you can take with you wherever you go, even while the lamp stays home, awaiting the genie's next visit.

Question: How would you like to own a "lamp" like that?

Never mind wishing for it...

Claim it here

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