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by Dave @ Piano Amore

I studied piano chords for years...
I mean YEARS... before I really got
a clue.

Clue about what? Well, I knew what
a chord chart looked like and I could
even play all those 7th chords for
the most part. But the teacher I had
at the time didn't see beyond this...

Why? Because he wasn't a pianist for
one. He knew his theory but I never
once remember him ever sitting down
at that piano to show me how to do
anything. I had this teacher for
about five years - you can read the
brief story in this little manuscript
that I wrote:

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That little eBook, by the way, has
NO musical examples. If you have
any doubts about your ability to
be creative, though, it just may
be that little missing "link" in
your thinking...

So, this guy knew his basic theory
and he did teach me a lot of that.
But I had interest in developing into
a more "jazzy" player. But he wasn't
the guy. My next teacher was terrfic.
She taught me a lot. But when I put
up a book on the piano stand showing
some of those jazz chords, she was
pretty quick to let me know that
it was all foreign to her...

What's the key point? Here it is:

Don't ever... EVER base your opinion
of your abilities on what other
people know or don't know. Be open
to finding out what it is that you
want to learn. This takes some self
initiative. Sure, that piano teacher
a mile and a half away may be a super
person to have a conversation with.
But if he or she doesn't have it to
lead you to your goals, don't think
that YOU don't have what it takes
to get you there.

That really is the message today.
That was really a premise upon which
my piano chords program was built.
It was meant to serve as that bridge
to take you from where you are to
where you want to go - that is, if
having creative chord fun at those
keys is a goal of yours. You know,
the kind of fun that keeps you at
the instrument for hours, leaving
you wondering where the time went.

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Maybe you already took advantage of
starting this program (right now,
it's super easy - see above). Maybe
you're already realizing that the
what seemed "mysterious" isn't so
much anymore... you see, when you
have someone who's "been there done
that" and can relate to the kind of
mind set of someone who needs that
"something extra"... well, it's
a bit different.

Break those chains... those "barriers"
that you may be holding onto are
nothing but mental "smokescreens"...

Today, let's face the truth...

Nothing worthwhile is impossible.

And if it's something that brings you
joy, it's automatically worthwhile.
So, what are you waiting for? Set
a goal of some kind today and take
some small action toward its attainment.

I believe you have what it takes - even
when you don't.

Let today be the day you say "Yes"
to you...








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