You Want Chord Charts?


Master Piano Chords
Using This System!

Your first experience with chords? Then you've GOT to try PianoChords101

Think about this... the person who created that chord chart really knew how to play those chords. Shouldn't YOU have the same kind of confidence? YES YOU SHOULD!

There's an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this:

Give a man a fish and you give him food for the day... teach a man to fish and you give him food for a lifetime.

How true!

I am going to introduce you to a program that will have you feeling confident when it comes to mastering all those 7th chords you find taking up a whole lot of space on that sheet music of yours! Within minutes you will know how to play each of these 7th chords in any given key that you want to! Once you master these ten chord types (and you will), you will never look at sheet music the same way again. Those chord symbols will no longer intimidate you... chord charts keep you reliant on them because you basically are saying to yourself, "I don't know how to play this chord, so I need someone else to show me how."

But that's all over! YOU will know how. You've just got to experience this for yourself! Master those 7th chords starting today!

"Already familiar with 7th chords? Then start ProProach!"

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