Piano Chord Chart
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Piano chord charts! Wow, the demand for them is amazing. I do understand the value of them. At the same time, I understand the greater value if becoming independent of them. The interesting thing is you don't even need them. You see, once you have the formula from creating any chord on the piano that you want to, piano chord charts become virtually useless to you.

I created a program that shows you how to master all the formulas for TEN types of 7th chords (that's right, 10!) using audio animations with my personal narration as I play at those keys. Sure, four of these 7th chord types will get you through much of what you play, namely the major 7th chords, minor 7th chords, augmented 7th chords, and diminished 7th chords. As a matter of fact, I'll even include these 7th chord charts to you as a kind of "kickstart" if you order The Ridiculously Easy Way To Master Those 7th Chords On The Piano today.

Once you take yourself through the videos, I think you'll understand what I mean about not needing those charts when you have those chord formulas licked. But, again, please enjoy the chord charts with my compliments as you enjoy the program.

Here's how to get the free bonus: when you order the 7th chords program above, upon checkout, simply enter CHORDCHARTBONUS in the promotion code area and I'll send them to you via instant download. Have fun with those 7th chords!

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