Open Piano Worship Chords

by Jeff
(Savannah, GA)

It really is interesting that all this study of open piano voicings as they apply to jazz goes all the way back to this choral format. It certainly makes sense, but I guess my point is that we often tend to make things more complex than we have to.

I enjoy playing many of the fancy piano worship chords that I've accumulated over time (or I should say voicings), but it's interesting how I never considered these basics that you are showing and haven't even played any of these simple major triads in this manner. Going "back to basics" is a good thing.

You often used the quote, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears," and that is so true in many respects.

Any material that you offer in the way of piano worship chords in the future is appreciated and, of course, all your efforts, in general, are also appreciated.

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