How To Play
All The Major Chords

Let's play some major chords on the piano today... seriously, even if you have never played a chord on the piano before, today is going to be a "breakthrough day" for you. Learning the majors is a great starting point. Once you know these, you've got the foundation to learn all the others!


Here is what I would like you to do... actually, I am going to present you with a couple of very helpful links here:

1) The first will introduce you to a complete list of the major chords along with the notes contained within them. In addition, all the positions - or chord inversions - are presented there as well. These include Root Position, 1st inversion, and 2nd inversion...

FOR NOW, stay focused on the Root Position chords, okay? With this in mind, I want to provide you with more than just a list...

2) I want to show you how to actually play these chords on the piano in Root Position. This video gives you a step by step approach ... you cannot miss with this! This video is entirely free to you. By the way, there is an extended version of that piano video available, and you will see the offer there. What that extended video takes you through is the same type of step by step procedure as with the majors, but you will learn how to play minor chords, augmented chords, and diminished chords as well! And that's not all... you get a guidebook that you can instantly download and print which compliments the video... that package, which is only $5.95 (complete!) is a great value and I do encourage you to grab that for yourself.

Okay, let's start having some fun with those major chords today... now... there's no time like the present, so let's do it! Go right to that video ... You are going to develop confidence with this! Why? Because you are going to learn how to play these chords for yourself. You see, you won't have to rely on a chord chart at all. This is where it's at.

Get right to that video now... and have a ball mastering chords on the piano!

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