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Left handed chords

Is Using Left Hand Piano Chords Your Only Approach To Playing Those Favorite Songs Of Yours?

A secret to making those songs sound more "pro"...

It's one of those concepts that "separates the men from the boys" when it comes to making your efforts more fruitful as you play those favorite standard songs of yours.

You see, for the most part, here is the approach that the average individual who learns a melody and knows how to play a few chords:

1) Both the left hand and right hand immediately make their toward the center of the piano keyboard... Specifically, this usually means that both hands are positioned pretty closely together, the two of them covering not much more than about an octave and a half.

2) The melody is played within the octave just above "middle C"

3) The chords are played within the octave just below "middle C"

Yes, the chords get played with the left hand and the melody gets played with the right hand.

What's wrong with this? Nothing! As a matter of fact, it's a terrific technique if it's used part of an overall creative approach to playing songs. However, most people leave it at that... and then they wonder why their songs lack that "special something"...

I would like you to learn how to create that "special something"... and one of the concepts you need to familiarize yourself with is using MORE of that piano keyboard.

Let's consider this: you have 88 keys in front of you! That's like having an orchestra consisting of 88 instruments at your fingertips! But, again, most people don't look at it that way. Instead, they allow their hands to remain "frozen" in the center of the piano, convering about the same area it takes to type on a computer keyboard.

In short, if you're not utilizing more of that piano keyboard, you're cheating yourself out of the opportunity to play more richly... more tastefully... more creatively... with more variety...

I'd like you to have this mini eBook that illustrates the basic concept and hope you'll want to take this further on your own:

If you feel as though your piano playing has become somewhat "limited" in terms of sounding professional, then consider using more of that piano keyboard range. Look toward the left of that keyboard... and toward the right... in most people's homes, those keys are cleaner and shinier than the keys in that middle range... now we know why! It's time to put some fingerprints on them and get the most out of that wonderful instrument we call a piano!

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