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Learn to play the piano with lessons that have the flexibility to fit your lifestyle and you will discover a side of you that has been screaming to make itself known. You see, it is my conviction that every single person on the face of this earth has the innate desire and ability to express himself or herself musically.

If you are wondering if learning piano is worth your time, there's no reason to keep wondering. Erase any reservations! The benefits that go along with both playing piano and the piano learning process itself are astounding.

Am I biased? Of course I am! I've played piano since the age of seven and I encourage you beyond any shadow of a doubt to get involved! Yes, learn to play the piano - you will never regret it.

The rewards that will come to you during your piano learning adventure are numerous. But if I had to equate it with one idea, hmmmmmm, how could I put it?

Well... have you ever experienced a birthday party (yours) where the presents just kept coming at you? One surprise after another, increased curiosity, good cheer, feelings of appreciation for yourself and others around you, the joy of being in the spotlight... can you relate to any of this?

Well, if you never had a birthday quite like that one, allow me to light the candles for you, and let the party begin! Seriously, if you've even mildly entertained the idea of learning to play piano, allow me to slice the cake - the first piece is yours.

It just might help you to make this decision to learn to play the piano even faster if we put a few myths to rest once and for all.

What some people have said, and responses:

Age is an important factor. I feel as though I'm too old to learn to play the piano.

Wrrrrooooonnnnnnnngooooooo! Nope, no way, no maam, no sirrrrreeee! I don't care what your age is - the journey awaits you. I've had success teaching people from 5 to 75 (and beyond). Friend, just trust me on this one: your age has nothing to do with your potential to make great music on the piano ...

No one in my family is musical.

Wrong again! Everyone has musical ability. They might not seek avenues to express it, at least when no one is looking.

Some people have a psychological reservation about opening up to new things. Or perhaps they simply don't believe in their own ability (if that's you, we'll change that). Some even have a strange sense of inner shame when it comes to expressing themselves in any way other than talking.


Regardless of what the reason or excuse, they have musical ability! And they can change any viewpoints that have gotten in the way of proving it. I can help with that. To put it simply, if you want to learn to play the piano, know that you have the ability.

I don't have a lot of time to learn to play the piano.

You're already making playing piano sound like a job! Hey, come on now! You don't need a lot of time. When someone says something like "I don't have time," he or she either simply doesn't have interest or they have subscribed to an "all or nothing" approach and have sabotaged themselves from any possibility of success by not trying.

In many cases, people who attribute not getting involved with a new hobby like playing the piano to a lack of time are likely to be the type who tend to be quite hard on themselves and are ruled by a thought that might ring something like this: "If I can't be the best, I don't want to do it at all."

Anyone can put aside a little time to get started, whether its a few minutes a week or an hour or more a day. Have you ever sat down play some cards? chat with a friend? read a book? Did you measure your time? Even if lasted five minutes, you still had fun, didn't you?

Yes, you can make progress on the piano a little bit at a time. That's why this site is here. The lessons are easy, fun... and free!

I wanted to learn to play the piano a long time ago. I took piano lessons once. It didn't work out.

And what does this mean? Perhaps your teacher didn't have what it took to deal with your particular learning style. Not every teacher is right for every student. You might say, "Well, he (or she) could play really well," but that didn't make that person the right teacher for you.

It's also possible that your interest level at the time wasn't high. But having the wrong piano teacher can absolutely contribute to this. Your desire to learn to play the piano should by no means be affected by what happened. I highly encourage you to put that experience completely behind you and start with a clean slate, beginning today !

I don't have a piano.

Then get one! Hold on a second. You want to learn to play the piano, so do what it takes. Firstly, even if you don't have room for a piano in your home (this is rare, despite what people may think - a piano doesn't take up a whole lot of room), you can get started with a little keyboard and have lots of fun with it.

If cost is an issue, there are so many people who have pianos in their homes who want to get rid of them (Perish the thought!!! But it's true.) Often, the new owners of a home are faced with a piano that was left behind by the former owners and would be happy to give it away to someone in need of one. Getting it moved can be inexpensive.

In addition, there are lots of used pianos available at a low price. Old uprights, in particular, tend to be lower priced. Check out your local music stores if you have any in your area. Also, look through local classifieds. Just get something. You can even go to a place like eBay and get a cheap keyboard. Main point: don't put it off!

There is no piano teacher in my area. To learn to play the piano would involve way too much inconvenience.

Learn right here online! At your own pace, with no pressure, just be open to some fun... now that "reason" is history.

Do I seem excited for you? I am! For years (about 25), I've had the joy of coaching people one-on-one and I have to tell you this (and I'm being 100% honest with you):

I have never met an individual who could not learn to play the piano. You, my friend, are no exception. That's my promise to you.

Learn to play the piano for reasons that go beyond the obvious ones. Here are some benefits you'll enjoy:

* Your self esteem will rise.

* you will enjoy increased self confidence.

* You will constantly amaze yourself.

* You will smile and laugh a lot.

* Your creative juices will flow.

* You self awareness will be at a much higher level.

* You will have a deeper appreciation for the potential of your fellow human beings.

* You will learn a medium of expression that matches no other.

Increased self esteem and self confidence is inevitable when you set out to accomplish something and prove to yourself that you can do it! Now, something very important I want to point out, regarding your experience with me here: you will feel a genuine sense of accomplishment each and every time you spend a few minutes on this site and sit at the piano.

You see, that's one of the terrific things about what's in store for you. You will learn little bits of information at a time and begin to put them to use immediately! So, rather than having to wait hours, days, or weeks before you feel like you're actually getting somewhere, here you will learn to appreciate each and every step of progress that you make.

You'll learn a little, play a little, laugh a little, and pat yourself on the back for it! You'll be like a little kid in a toy store who places no boundaries on his or her potential for fun. Is that music to your ears?

You will certainly amaze yourself on a regular basis because lessons here are not of the traditional breed. You see, I take one concept, present it to you, allow you to apply it, and have fun with it right away rather than have you practice for hours. You can't help but be thrilled with each little step along the way!

You will, in fact, smile and laugh a lot because you will find out pretty quickly that I don't take any of this too seriously and I expect you to take on the same attitude. You can't "fail" here. You can only succeed and let me emphasize: having fun and smiling is part of the success, as long as you're here.

You will put yourself in touch with your creative potential . This is something that will happen from the very beginning. My lessons, as you will see, go beyond a "watch me do this and copy me" approach.

As you learn to play the piano, you will develop a deeper sense of self awareness by being in tune with your capacity to learn new things and how you respond to the little challenges you'll come across along your journey. You'll have a stronger appreciation for yourself and you'll even experience an increased feeling of self acceptance.

Have you ever found yourself lost for words? I have (believe it or not!). There are those times when my inner emotions cannot be expressed via talking. I can try to put words to these emotions and can even come relatively close to "labeling" them. But when I sit down at that piano, they seem to manifest in a genuine way.

Playing piano puts me in touch with those feelings and I find that music is the only medium through which this can happen. Also, if there's no one around to listen and you need to "vent," sit at that piano or keyboard and you'll have that "friend" instantly. You see, playing music has a way of "understanding."

As a further note, if I am experiencing a mood that is less than wonderful, playing music that represents the feelings I want to experience gets me there. It will do the same for you.

As you learn to play the piano with me, you will also develop a more profound appreciation for what other people are capable of, since you will learn to doubt your doubts regarding what you can achieve. You see, the more you appreciate yourself, your abilities and other attributes, the more you appreciate others and theirs!

Now I ask you, my friend, is there any reason for you not to learn to play the piano? Of course not.

We have a special little eBook that can provide just the encouragement and inspiration you need to get started. Click here to get your copy

As we begin together, allow me to say a few more introductory words:

I respect you. I admire you. It doesn't matter that we haven't met personally as of now. That fact that you are here proves we have something in common... we are both individuals who have a genuine desire to explore ourselves and our world... to realize our own potential... and who appreciate the fact that music is the perfect avenue to do this.

Music is the universal language that allows us all to connect in some way, whether it's you learning something from me, me learning something from you, or our expressing ourselves for no other reason than the fact that it feels right to do so.

Congratulations on your decision to learn to play the piano. Truly, I thank you for allowing our paths to cross and for joining me on this journey that will certainly bring each of us rewards that words cannot describe - but music can.

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