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Do you have what it takes to be the next George Winston? Well, don't sell yourself short. Contained within is a way for even a novice to start creating compositions on the fly. There's so much going on here at Piano Amore, we can't cover it all in this edition, but as long as you're subscribed, we'll keep you in tune! Please keep the letters coming...

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Your head might spin when you become aware of the treasures that are ready for you to take advantage of. MP3's that you can download instantly for your listening pleasure... BOOKS that will freshen up your entire outlook when it comes to playing piano... DVDs that provide the kind of guidance you're looking for...

It's all here in our new Piano Amore collection. A gold mine at your fingertips! Chances are, if it's available, you'll find it here. Searching for your particular area of interest has never been so easy!

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Composing Your Own Masterpieces

Yes, you can compose your own improvisations instantly at the piano, just like masters such as George Winston. You've got to start somewhere & here's your ticket...

>>>>> Now there's a way for even the earliest of beginners to create their own masterpieces at those keys without reading a note of music. That's right. You're about to learn how... 

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Practice  Tip

Learn Something In All 12 Keys

The value of learning something in all 12 keys at the piano results in type of confidence that can only be realized by the one who takes the initiative. But you don't need years of experience to accomplish this. Learning the 3 primary chords in all 12 keys will provide rewards that go beyond explanation.

Here are the thre primary chords in the key of C Major:

Cmaj   Fmaj   Gmaj

Know those three chords, and you know the chords to thousands of songs!

Learn them in all the keys::

C     F     Bb     Eb     Ab     Db     Gb     B     E     A     D     G

Seem like a tall order? This can be accomplished by even the individual who sits at the piano for the first time with a tool like How To Play Piano By Ear In All 12 Keys Without Knowing How To Read A Note Of Music. Don't expect anything flashy with this... no pictures, no videos... just a hands on, step-by-step process that will have you doing what the title says. Follow the format and you can only succeed.

Putting it to work for yourself...

Yes, it's true that thousands of songs have been written with only three chords. One example is Let It Be by Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Now, there's an example of a person who never learned how to read music but didn't let that get in his way of success! By the way, if you would like to engage a fun piano method that uses that legendary song as the basis for learning piano techniques & strategies that will equip you to play thousands of songs with confidence, consider this one. You'll be amazing yourself in less than 30 days.

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