Jazz Piano Chord Voicings


What's It All About, Alfie?

Jazz piano chord voicings?

Whatever your age or your piano playing background, once you make a decision
to explore jazz piano chord voicings, your playing just won't be the same...

I can hear the question already, "What if I'm not interested in learning jazz piano?"

You don't have to be a jazz pianist to take advantage of what a jazz pianist knows
in order to enhance your own piano styling. You see, jazz pianists, due to their
innovative and creative approach to piano playing, naturally develop a repertoire
of great chord sounds that no other players do. Since that's true, it makes sense
to keep our eyes open to what they are doing. A person who wants to play
more creatively would find it in his or her best interest to learn by
observing a jazz pianist whenever possible...

Here's just a brief example:

Let's say you're used to playing a song that calls for a Cmaj7 chord
and you're used to playing it like this:


Also, let's say that the melody note you're playing is a G

Typically, a beginner or intermediate player would play the
C E G B with the left hand and play that G melody note with
the right hand. But a pro player knows that he or she has
choices and immediately might think of playing that chord
like this:

Right hand:
               G (melody)
Left Hand:

Go ahead and play that both ways and LISTEN!

What? Don't see the root there? The 7th? No problem...
a piano stylist will feel comfortable using that
voicing above anyhow. So will you...

That's just one example... you have "tons" of options...

If you are already familiar with the concept of jazz piano chordvoicings,
you know the value of learning them and applying them to you your own
playing and chances are that others admire your creativity on those keys...

If jazz piano chord voicings are new to you, then you're in for quite
a treat and I hope you'll stick around a while and explore what
ProProach has to offer. Adults from around the world are
catching their second wind when it comes to sounding
like they never did before. All it takes is a little curiosity,
a desire to have a lot of fun, and just a few minutes a
day to apply certain chord strategies. ProProach makes
this easy because not only does it show you exactly how
to play the chord voicings but it also shows you HOW to
use them in your favorite songs. There's a big difference.
Let's face it... the last thing you need is another piano
method that gives you a bunch of "fluff" including
exercises, etc., only to find yourself lost in the
dust after you've gone through it. People who
latch on to ProProach find themselves wanting
to refer to the exercises again and again. Truly,
this is a program that provides a lifetime of value!

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I hope you'll be the next one to experience the
same transformation. One thing is for certain:
You won't ever view piano chords quite the same
again. For once, you'll experience what it's like
to be sitting in the driver's seat...

I now invite you to join me as we both have
fun at those keys together...






Dave Longo

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