Jazz Piano Chord Voicings

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings

Master pianist/composer playing a spectacular performance before a live crowd whose appreciation permeates the building. This is a guy whom other pianists aspire to...

At about 00:49 in this video, Bill Evans begins an improvisation solo. Notice how sparingly he uses that left hand of his. It's important to take note of how his chords are used to compliment the right hand solo rather than overpower it.

By the way, those left hand chords Bill is playing might sound a little different than what you might regularly play if you've learned the kinds of chords you'll read about in textbooks. What he is playing is what is known as rootless voicings Rootless voicings, as the name implies, are chord structures that do not contain the root of the chord.

For example, you might be used to seeing and playing a G7 chord like this:


However, a jazz pianist is likely to see the chord symbol, G7, and play it like this:


or like this:


Look foreign to you? Well, if you've watched and listened to that video above and like what you heard, it's about time you start exploring the world of jazz piano voicings. ProProach is certainly a great way to begin your journey, as it takes you on a 24 week drive through some very interesting twists and turns that won't leave you dizzy... instead, you'll know, even before the 24 weeks have gone by, that you have been in contact with something that is indeed quite different than any other learning experience you've been exposed to. Fun? That's an understatement. You'll receive a great education and, along with that, you'll be exposed to enough inspiration to last you a lifetime. Truly, this program will set you on a path toward chord voicing success.

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