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Do you aspire to learn more about the world of improvisation? Does the idea of improvising intimidate you a bit? Have you felt that improvisation is an art reserved for only a select few with a "special" talent of some kind? Then it's good that you're here, since I've set out on a path to help people like yourself get in touch with the inner creative musical talent that already exists within you. It does, you know : )

Although this applies to any instrument, I'll use piano as our example. If you have some familiarity with music - even if it's just a basic familiarity with the keys on that piano or keyboard of yours, combined with an inner desire to be creative, you have all you need. The ability to create exists at your very own fingertips.

Let's look at it this way... let's say that a friend or relative sends you to the store to buy a can of spinach. You go to the store, find the aisle, and geeeeeeeeesh! Not only is there lots of spinach but many cuts and varieties... and many different brands! What's your instant response to seeing all those choices? "Which one did he/she want?" "Where should I start to look?" etc...

Too many choices?

It can delay the time it takes to make that purchase. Would you agree? At the point of time while making that decision as to which can to buy, what does your mind seek?

It seeks  a process of elimination.

Let's say it again....

It seeks a process of elimination.

It seeks simplicity... at the very same time it admires what seems complex!

So it stands to reason that there's a conflict with the idea of even getting started for some...

It doesn't have to be that way...

The mind does not want to be overwhelmed. This applies in a tremendous way in the area of improvisation. You see, when you think about it, you already know all the notes in music... you know where they are on your piano... you know more than you need to know to start improvising.

What you really need is to eliminate any confusion that you may have about the choices.... all those notes.... all those chords... all those scales...  

All those chords and scales are wonderful to know and learn more about but let me ask you something. Did you know anything about spelling or grammar before you started to speak? Of course not. Expressing yourself was a very natural process... and so it goes with improvisation.

Your mind can easily become overwhelmed with all the approaches to improvisation that you could take. But, as a beginner, where do you begin? And can you experience resutls that are satisfactory enough at your level in order to provide you the incentive to want to keep growing in this area?

The truth is that there is a way to simplify the beginning of the process... and, yes, you can indeed achieve results that will give you the motivation to keep going with it all.

What if you didn't have to know anything about chords? About scales? About any theory whatsoever? And STILL could achieve these results?

You can.

This is what I wanted to make available to the beginning improvisor - a simple method that would lead to quick and tasteful results that would ultimately lead to more curiosity and growth. In order to be so effective, it had to be simple. So I came up with a way you could start the process without having to endure 100 pages of explanation before you even put your fingers on those keys... no, this is concise. It's a tool. Take it. Use it. Make it work for yourself. Grow with it.

What you can achieve with this one simple concept is amazing. Just stick with it... go with it... have fun using it everytime you sit at that piano or keyboard and enjoy the insights you're in for! Yes, you can improvise... let's prove it now. Click here to get started






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