Improvisation | Melodic Motif | Rhythmic Motif

by Dave

Thinking if terms of musical motifs
can be very helpful when it comes
to developing your improvisational
skills. Basically, there are two

Melodic motif

Rhythmic motif

Let's say that you were listening
to "Fly Me To The Moon"... those
first two measures... you know,
that first part where you hear
those very words being sung...

Well, that is a "melodic motif,"
just the way we are used to hearing
it, notes and all.

If we were to play the same idea,
maintaining the rhythm but changing
a few of those notes, then we have
preserved the "rhythmic motif"...

We use this concept in our new
video "Improvisation Made Easy"
which is available in our store.

Of course, "The One Improvisation
Secret You Must Know" is a great
tool to begin to come up with motifs
of your own!

Have a musically creative day!

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