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How To Play Standards With Confidence 2

"What do I play below that melody?"

Hello and welcome! Dave here. Once again, I would like to take this time to thank each and every one onf you who has been kind enough to share your piano playing goals with me. The email messages just kep coming in and I love it! I do make every effort that I can to keep up. If I have not been able to respond personally, please bear with me, as I do read all of your input and do my best to provide learning material that is consistent with your goals. So, please know that I sincerely appreciate your input and the time you've taken to provide it...

This special session, which is just over 40 minutes in duration, is acknowledges a concern that has been expressed in a number of different ways. It might be put this way:

"Dave, I know how to play the melody of this tune I have in front of me and I know what the chords are for the most part... but HOW do I get it all to sound like something I can feel proud of? What can I do with these chords to enrich that melody in such a way that it sounds tasteful?"

I really do know where you're coming from with this one. I hope you'll allow this video session to unlock the mystery of how to really present those favorite songs of you in such a fashion that people ask to hear you play it again! I mean, really, that's a pretty good feeling when your playing oozes that kind of confidence... would you agree? I felt especially inspired to put together a learning session that not only shows you how to do this, but to do it in a manner that is easily understood, whether you play simple triads, 7th chords, or more advanced jazz piano voicings.

Please keep in mind that what you'll discover in this session is not "magical" in the sense that you have to spend hours and hours of perfecting any certain techniques. Nor is this lesson a complex one. Rather, what you are in for as you take advantage of this special session is an informal presentation of some very, very simple ways to get that left hand of yours playing in a way that compliments that melody so you can get that "pro" quality happening with your playing relatively quickly. Indeed, as you will soon see, often is the case when "less is more." How many times have you heard a professional stylist perform and what was being played didn't necessarily seem overly technical but the way in which it was played just made perfect musical sense? That's really what I've strived to accomplish with this session - to provide you with a few different angles to approaching those chords so that what you play sounds musical (because it is!).

Our focus in this session is not about learning new chords or jazz piano voicings, since our store offers plenty in this area and I continue to make more available in this area... rather, my intention is to get you to apply what you already know in a way that sounds good : ) If you just know triads, fine... if you are familiar with 7th chords, then things can perhaps sound a little more flavorful... if you've got a handle on chord voicings, then you can allow these simple ideas to enhance how you use them. Again, complexity is not the name of the game here. Taking simple ideas and making slight variations can make all the difference as you're about to witness. In addition, what I find to be especially exciting is that, the more you get a handle on these ideas, the more you are going to be discovering your very own variations of what you will be seeing and hearing here. Truly, this session is likely to offer you a foundation from which to get your personal piano playing style to develop further. Please enjoy this session. I truly had a lot of fun making it available.

Just a note: Although I am presenting this material within the context of a few excerpts of some commonly played standard songs, it is my hope that you will use a favorite standard song of your own to start applying these concepts to. The simple concepts are much more important than copying what I am playing using the same song segments. I would rather you approach this session in this manner, as I believe you will obtain the most benefit by doing so. Also, it is not necessary to have experienced session #1 of this series to take advantage of this one... that said, it serves as a nice compliment to it, for sure. Once you start having fun incorporating these simple ideas into your very own playing, I have a genuinely good feeling that you're going to begin noticing a significant difference in how you will be sounding at that piano or keyboard of yours. So, please enjoy!

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Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

(Video is approximately 41 minutes in duration)

As with most of our video sessions here ar Piano Amore, in addition to the
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Thank You once again... Let's have fun with this.
I look forward to seeing you at those keys!

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