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Once you get involved with these free lessons, practicing will feel like a privilege! Why? Because the only thing they demand of you is that you want to have a blast learning piano! Just scroll down to the bottom and sign up for your free piano lessons!

Their simplified and unusually interesting format will quickly have you believing that you do, in fact, have what it takes to play piano the way you've always wanted (you do ya know!).

One great thing about these lessons, aside from being free, is that you can start wherever you want to, depending on your level and interests. Just choose a page to begin with. Explore a few more. Take your time. You'll find your "right place" and feel at home here pretty rapidly. And the studio is open to you 24 hours a day!

Just a note: if you have some piano experience, know how to play some chords, etc., and want to start sounding like a pro right away, consider our very popular growing supply of Sound Cookies (They are almost free) They will serve as your fast track to getting some of those professional sounds everyone craves!

If you are an absolute beginner with no piano experience whatsoever, you're in luck. I'll fill you in on some basic piano theory - just enough to light the wick - but this time you'll be applying your new knowledge - and fast. I'll have you performing keyboard cartwheels before you know it.

You'll gain some head food regarding piano scales but not to the point where you become bored out of your wits. Instead, you'll be using what you learn. Remember, this is a site dedicated to having fun, and these free piano lessons are designed with that premise in mind.

Rather than playing piano scales for hours that have you wondering "why was I ever interested in piano lessons?" you'll be rolling through arpeggios that will make the people in the next room wonder what you had for breakfast.

Yes, we avoid the boring, time-consuming, highly dreaded, traditional stuff. Gosh, with these free piano lessons, you'll even start getting a handle on piano improvisation at the start of your journey. For example, once you learn how to play a couple of major seventh chords, you can start improvising with them right away, like we do here

While on the subject of improvisation, our exploration takes on some zest as we learn all about piano fills and runs - we'll take a look at these using an approach that will have you not only playing them, but doing so in a way that makes perfect musical sense. Here's an easy fill to get started with ... here's another ... and another

Stay tuned to our free piano lessons, because learning as little as three basic triads and a major scale is all you need to start creating some great sounds! Here's one example of how

What seemed mysterious to you before will suddenly become understandable because, together, we're going to clear away the smoke screens and reveal simple strategies ... like this one, for example ... to get you sounding good pretty quickly!

You'll also get a handle on the relationship between chords and scales ...

Do we have free piano chords ? You bet! If you never had fun with playing piano chords before, you are in for a joy ride, because chords are where it's at. Once you get some exposure to what I to teach you, you'll realize that pianists who really understand chords and what to do with them stand out from the crowd... and you'll be one of them!

I'll be your keyboard buddy from Day 1 (that's today!) We'll "take it in stride and love the ride." A refreshing approach is what you're in for. We'll break some of those "traditional rules" so that you can fast track to playing some pretty cool things on that piano or keyboard of yours.

Special note: In addition to all the free piano lessons you'll find here, I also offer a very special service that just may interest you... it's quite unique! Click here to find out more

Have some piano experience already? Interested in some blues piano lessons to add some special spice to your playing? You'll learn the Blues Scale and basic blues chords if you don't already know them, and then we'll take it up a notch and have you playing blues piano in a fashion you didn't think possible - and in a very short period of time.

We'll learn the 12 bar blues form and, as we do, we'll immediately see how we can get quick results with it, even if you've never attempted playing blues before.

Think jazz piano lessons are more like it for you? Ahhh, now you're talkin'. I'll introduce you to some jazz piano basics that will give you kick start you need, providing you with the confidence necessary to make those jazz riffs dazzle your audience.

Our gospel piano lessons are sure to capture your curiosity. If you've ever wondered how to really play those piano worship chords the way the pros do, hop on the train. You'll be making that piano sing praise to you.

The super thing about this site? Whatever level you're at, you'll actually enjoy the steps you'll be taking. You won't be hasty, placing unnecessary demands on yourself because...well, you remember what it's about here, right?

That's right... fun. You'll be having plenty of it every minute of the journey. Important point: don't let the price of these free piano lessons fool you. You're here. I'm here. Let's make the best of it. Make a commitment right now to yourself that you'll stick around for the duration. The rewards that await you are plenty.

But don't take my word for it. You'll see for yourself. Are you committed? Great, so am I. Let's shake on it.

All set for the ride? Ready to put the cart before the horse? Warm up those keys, explore the site, and jump in. Embrace these free piano lessons as they show you what you truly are capable of...

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