An Easy Way To Learn Piano

An easy way to learn piano? Does it exist? Actually, yes. That said, depending on the learner, some methods are easier than others. For example, learning to read the notes on the piano staff (or grand staff) may seem especially challenging for one person. However, if that same individual was presented with a way to create music without even having to read, at least they can enjoy musical results they can feel good about. While the momentum is going, then reading can be explored to expand one's musical horizons.

An Easy Way To Learn Piano Equals A Fun Way

A key factor that determines whether or not a person continues his or her endeavors with learning piano (or anything else, for that matter) is the enjoyment they get out of the process.

In addition, the quicker you can take part in this enjoyment, the more likely you will feel inspired to explore your potential further. Make sense? After all, if you're looking for an easy way to learn piano, that way ought to be "barrier-free." So, an effective way to begin would be remove barriers to this happening for you right from the beginning. How?

Learn Without Barriers

Let's consider painting as bit of an analogy. We know one can take lessons upon lessons upon lessons to excel as a painter. One can study years at a university to enhance his or her personal skills. Now, does this mean that a young child who hasn't the capacity to "take instruction" does not have the ability to instantly enjoy himself or herself when first presented with finger painting kit?

If you've ever owned a finger painting kit (or you have seen a child enjoy using one), you know the answer to that. In a situation like this, major barriers to creativity are automatically and naturally non-existent, including:

  • having to know specific techniques or strategies on how to paint
  • being cognizant of any rules or restrictions as to how to paint
  • the very idea that one should need to acquire any information on how to paint before actually doing it

The Secret?

So, how does this connect with playing the piano and having a great time from the very beginning?

"Paint" like a child.

Let your fingers play on those keys as you would if you were a child who didn't know of his or her limitations because they hadn't been concocted yet. That's right. Give yourself to play like a child. It's a major secret to creativity.

Okay, let's say that you are given a set of finger paints with three jars of paint of different color and a clean canvas. There isn't any need to really ask how, is there? Great. So, if you were presented with a "set of three piano keys" to play with and allow you the same type of freedom, do you suppose you could play with just those three keys in different ways to get different results? Of course you could! You could change the order those keys are played, you could modify the intensity at which you strike them (sometimes softer, other times louder), you could play a couple of those keys at one time... another couple... etc. There would be much that you are capable of instantly. Here is one learning tool that can give you the incentive to get started right away.

Based on what was mentioned in that last paragraph, if those three keys that you were given to play were chord tones (though they wouldn't have to be), then you have a bit of a "safety net" in that anything you play using those three notes will sound harmonious. Indeed, this is an easy way to learn piano if you want to be making music quickly. Play that chord with your left hand as well as your right, you now have more choices! The two hands can communicate with each other and instantly be making music. What you're doing during this process is improvising. Yes, I've said it many times before and I'm saying it again: improvising can begin right from the start. You do not need to have experience in order to experience your personal potential for musical creativity! A visit to the link above will lead you to a video that demonstrates just some of what's possible. When approached like this, you will indeed consider this to be an easy way to learn piano. Actually, you'll be playing without having to be concerned about the learning part of it.

Yes, the idea is to immerse yourself in the whole process without that concern. Just play... listen... play some more... listen... ENJOY YOURSELF! And remember...






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