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Thank You!
Thanks so much, Dave. I'll be downloading this tomorrow
when I have the day off. I appreciate your quick responsiveness whenever
I've contacted you. And, even more importantly, I want you to know
how helpful your lessons have been. As you know I am a ProProach member
and your instruction has been invaluable. I purchased [a tablet computer] so that I could
put it on the piano and watch your video while I play simultaneously.
After discovering I could do that, I let go of my piano teacher
because I found I got much more from your lessons.
Thanks again--I'm really looking forward to this video because
cocktail piano and old jazz standards are my main interest area.

- Fran,
                                       Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

Thank you, Dave!  Great suggestions!  I will let you know how it all works out...  
So appreciate your help and for your quick response and personal attention!  I love that!
Talk with you soon, and God bless!
- Tammy,
Texas, USA

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