Cocktail Piano | Chord Voicings | Piano Fills | Improvisation

by Dave

Spend an hour with me today, will you?

That's right, I created a new video!

Among the requests I've been receiving, people
want help with:

* Cocktail Piano
* Piano Chord Voicings
* Piano Styling
* Piano Fills
* Passing Chords
* There's lots in this video to cherish for a long time!

Well, I don't think anyone saw this one coming,
but it's now here:

Grab a favorite beverage and get ready for
a one-one-one session as we take a very
effective approach toward bringing out
your creative best!

Yes, this one's jam-packed - over an hour : )

A real confidence builder!

By the way, this is a "look over my shoulder" type
workshop... it's not a "course"... it's informal and
to be enjoyed at your own pace. Use it as you see fit.
As you have fun using this tool to enhance your
creative skills, it's my hope that you have a fraction
of the amount of fun that I've had putting this one together.

Gosh, even if you have very little experience, simply
copying what I'm doing on those keys will have you
playing some pretty cool piano sounds. You don't have
to be "thrown" by any theory - just play & have fun!
(but if you're interested in the theory, you're
likely to learn something with this!)

The "pause" button will come in handy for this one... :o)

Here's your first "Sneak Peek"<<<

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Please enjoy & Thank You for your continued support. Please
stay in touch...

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