Cmaj7 Piano Chord Option

Master those 7th chords QUICKLY!

The Cmaj7 chord is a good place to start if you are ready to take your piano chord investigation beyond playing basic triads.

(By the way, click on the image above if you want to be on your way to mastering ALL types of 7th chords within minutes!)

Here we have a Cmaj7 illustrated in Root (and closed) Position:

Playing a Cmaj7 in this fashion is certainly acceptable and often preferred, depending on the musical situation and, of course, the personal taste of the musician. However, the pianist who aspires to explore his or her potential will go beyond learning chords in their basic positions.

Jazz piano players certainly take this to many different levels. But you don't need to be a jazz player to want to adopt the mind set of one when it comes to investigating piano chords and voicings. As a matter of fact, the more you become familiar with this way of thinking, the more creative you will become and, ultimately, the more harmonically interesting your playing will be.

It is this person - the individual who is ready to open himself or herself up to more creative playing - who inspired me to create the popular piano chord program ProProach ...

You can get an idea of how this program can help you by visiting that link and signing up to receive Lesson #1 free. That lesson takes the Cmaj7 to another dimension by "opening it up" to arrive at a Cmaj7 piano chord voicing that is very likely to be used by professional players, including (but not limited to) cocktail pianists.

ProProach goes way beyond that, however. It consists of 24 weekly lessons that you will gain access to via email. Each lesson is supported with a video demonstration for further inspiration.

In short, your involvement with ProProach will result in your becoming a different, more creative, player. You'll reflect on the day where you were sitting down playing that Cmaj7 in the fashion shown above and how far you've come. You're in for a rewarding adventure!

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