"Make Instant Music
With The Blues Scale!"


You can start being creative with the blues scale immediately. Once you know the notes contained in it put it to use. I really do feel strongly about the idea of learning a little bit at a time and obtaining the most enjoyment as possible from that new attained knowledge.

Playing with this scale can provide you with hours and hours of fun. Here I thought I would share with you an easy way to go about getting started doing that...

There's an old saying: "Little things mean a lot."

I love that quote. It's one that certainly means a lot! The piano video below is a short demonstration of this concept with the blues scale.

Here's another quote I like: "It's not what you say, but how you say it." I want you to make that idea yours - always keep it in mind when playing the piano. Make it work for you, as the video example shows.

Just take two or three notes of the scale to start with... and make music with them! In the example, I'm simply playing a C7 chord in my left hand and, in my right, having a little fun with the ideas I just mentioned.

I hope you take it upon yourself to take this further on your own. Choose different note combinations. Change the inflection (what notes you accent). Change the timing as well. You have a musical ear that is growing and developing and will guide you through this process. Just keep it interesting for yourself - it's the only way!

I love playing blues on the piano and this is just one little opportunity I've taken to share with you these very basic concepts...

There is more available for your exploration. Consider visiting this blues piano site to learn a little more. From there, you'll be directed to some other learning resources as well. Take advantage of them and become absorbed. That's really the key to enjoying the kind of progress that makes you want to keep going. Get into it!

Just as I do, have a ball experimenting and being musical. Get your creative juices flowing as you become more and more inventive with the blues scale!

Ohhhhh, and let's not forget. Go here to gain access to a free 12-bar blues lesson !


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