"Blues Piano Addicts Welcome Here!"

Is blues piano your bag? Well, tune in. Together, we're going to cut to the chase and be playing some pretty cool musical ideas from the beginning...

For starters, you'll learn the blues scale that really forms the basis of most of the melodic lines you're used to hearing in this musical genre. We'll not only learn the scale, but we'll come up with some pretty creative ideas with it, from very basic motifs to more complex licks. We even have some premium video sessions relating to blues piano, one which is specifically devoted to helping you to create some great ideas of your own utilizing the blues scale .

The basic 12 bar blues form will be explored, along with the three primary dominant chords you'll be playing over it.

Of course, we will be investigating those spicy voicings you're used to hearing the pros play - the only difference now is you'll be able to play them, too! We'll even get you playing some of those nifty left hand walking bass lines.

Whatever your playing level, there will be something here for you.

These piano lessons are explained with easy-to-understand text as well as supportive piano videos. Again, some of our lessons are free and we also have an online store (please see menu) that can help you to take yourself to greater levels of confidence. A short video demonstrating the C blues scale can be found here .

Also, when I see it to be a good fit, I'll recommend other material you might seriously consider taking advantage of, so keep your eyes open for these suggestions along the way.

Incidentally, the blues has quite an interesting history and I encourage to learn a little about it. You'll find a brief history lesson here

Our store has a special section devoted to playing the blues so you're sure to have some fun with those sessions (I know I had tons of fun creating them). One of the sessions you're likely to enjoy is Blues Piano Chord Voicings: An Introduction. That one will have you playing some nifty sounding left hand blues piano sounds very quickly. There's a lot we'll be covering, and it will all be presented in an environment that's relaxed, fun, and at your own pace. So join me as we continue our journey into the ever so popular world of the Blues!

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